Byron Bay Surf Lessons 23.7.2020


Hi Surfers, Another day of small and sweet waves in The Bay with The Pass thru to Clarkes beach the best inside the Cape. Tallow Beach has waves again there for the experts only with a few peaks along there before the winds swing onshore and the rain comes in..

Heaps of bait fish at The Wreck this morning. Golf later after you watch the whales from the lighthouse. Have a great day in The Bay. Gaz

B.O.M: Weather for Byron Coast:

WINDS: South to South Easterly 10 to 15 knots.

SEAS:  Around 1.00 metre.

SWELL: Southerly 1 to 1.50 inshore & increasing to 2 metres offshore.WEATHER: Clouds, maybe rain & Sunshine again.

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