Surf Prices


3.5 hour Group Beginner & Intermediate Lessons in town.

What U get:

  • Free use of all Surfboards & G Board Softboards.

  • Free use of Quiksilver Wetsuits & Rash Shirts.

  • Free transport from Town to the Best waves in Byron Bay at Clarkes Beach.

  • The Best Instruction from Gaz with 30 years experience in teaching.

  • More Local Knowledge than any other surf school Operator.

  • Free Far King wax to wax your Surfboard.

Hi Mates, Gaz here letting you know that we are the most Qualified & Expert Instructors that are Trained Lifeguards being Extremely Experienced, Patient, Super Friendly & Helping you in the surf 100%.

I will teach you about Surf Safety & Ocean Awareness, Proper Paddling Skills, Wave Selection, Catching your own waves made easy, Standing up & Surfing the Un-Broken Waves too. Trimming, Turning with Speed & Power.

U can also try different sized surfboards as well as Surf Rules & Rescue Signals, Stretching, Fitness & Heaps More…

Day 2: $55.00.

Day 3: $50.00

Day 4: $45.00.

Day 5: $40.00

Smallest groups: Local Byron Bay Surfers/Instructors. Totally Personalized: Individual Attention: Money Back Guarantee if U want too. We have a 100% money back Guarantee & cancellation policy if the surf is not safe.

What U Need? Swimmers, Towel & receipt or balance of payment in cash.

$250: 2 Hour Private Lesson.


Byron Bay has ‘Ballina Licensed schools’ driving out of town on a daily basis & telling ‘YOU’ the customer, that the surf is No Good or Too Crowded for lessons on Byron Bays’ Beaches.
Byron Bay licenced surf schools can only have small groups of 10 beginners with 2 Instructors in each class.
Don’t get fooled by the Ballina Bound Operators…
If you want a small group, local Instructors, Best Waves. Then surf in Byron Bay with Style Surfing.
If we are booked out please call Blackdog Surfing 66809828.
Go The Bay. Happy Days, Gaz.
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