Style Surf School is a Born & Bred Byron Bay Business.

Gaz Morgan & V have Owned & Operated Style Surf School since 1999 and no other surf school has been in The Bay this long!! Our Surf Lessons are 100% Safety, Fun and Learning to Surf…..We are happy to be the Best and not being the Biggest..

We follow all the Covid-19 Protocols for your Safety. 

Happy Days from Gaz & V. 

The Best way to Book or Enquire is to Text / Call / WhatsApp to me, Gaz, direct:


Email: As of 18.1.2021 my Bigpond account / Telstra may take longer than normal to reply so best contact is by text +61416162969. Thanks.

Style Surf 3 hour Group Lesson: $70

All you need is swimmers, towel, water bottle and $70 per person either cash or direct deposit works too. We have all the gear for you to hit the surf in the best learning waves in Byron Bay. Happy Days, Gaz & V.


Byron Bay has 4 Surf Schools who can operate in the surf in Byron Bay for group surfing lessons. Other schools advertise Byron Bay but cannot have group lessons here so drive out of town each day.

They tell you they go somewhere better??.

This is Bullshi# & False Advertising. 

I only say this because I have been surfing Byron Bay since the 1970s and Lennox Head & Ballina beaches are nothing like The Bay.

The only 4 Surf Schools that can have group lessons in the waves of Byron Bay are….

* Style Surfing School

* Blackdog Surfing.

* Byron Bay Surf Camp.

* Lets Go Surfing.

Other Surf Schools drive out of Byron Shire for Group Lessons.

About Style:

Gaz & V have owned & operated our surf school in Byron Bay since 1999.

Gaz has been surfing in Byron Bay since the 1970s.

Teaching in Byron Bay since the 1980s.

Gaz is a Level 3 Academy of Surfing Instructor, that has been surf coaching for more than 30 years.

We pride ourselves on being Byron Bays’ Most Experienced with more local knowledge than any other operator by far…

We are at the beach each day checking the surfing conditions for the classes and running the best surf lessons.

We have been involved in the local surfing scene with the local board-riding clubs & surf life saving clubs, sponsoring, organizing local surfing events & fund raisers.

Gaz worked in a Byron Bay surfboard factory during the 1980s & 1990s at Maddog Surf Centre in Byron Bay. My job was selling the right surfboard to the right person to suit their ability was my specialty. 

My brother, Maddog, has now retired and goes surfing & fishing everyday. Maddog Surfboards 

I also teach experienced surfers to be “Surf Instructors” in Byron Bay. Academy of Surfing Instructors.

During my surfing life, I have travelled over the world surfing and Byron Bay has the best learning waves in Australia by far. 

About You:

  • We only surf in Byron Bay.

  •  We only use the safest & best waves.

  • We include all the surf equipment for you.

  •  We cancel if the surf  is not safe.

  • We are proud to be the Best not the Biggest.

  • All beginners will stand up & surf.

  • We teach you how to do it by yourself.
  • We teach you to paddle and catch waves by yourself & surf the waves on your own.
  •  We cater for all ages & abilities:

  • Kids, Teenagers, Adults, Grandparents.    

  • 5 to 95 years of age.

  • No other operator has been teaching surfing skills for as often & as long as I have here in Byron Bay

  • Byron Bay Surfers are your Instructors.

  • All you need is swimmers, a towel and water bottle & payment/receipt.

  • Style has the smallest groups. 

  •  We cater for first time Beginners to Advanced surfing abilities.

  •  Start with 1 lesson then go from there.

  • We help you with every wave you catch.

  • We have the Best Surf Safety Instruction.

  • This is a RIP but Surfers use them 

Any Enquiries, Please call me, Gaz.

Call / Text/ WhatsApp



Please note that my mates who live at Lennox & Ballina beaches bring their own kids to Clarkes Beach in Byron Bay for them to get the best waves for learning to surf.

Cape Byron.wp-content-gallery-region-byron-bay-aerial

Style Surf is Licenced with Byron Shire Council, Cape Byron National Parks and the Byron Bay Marine Park.

We also have free photos taken with you on the Sand.

We don’t have a ‘BOOK NOW BUTTON’

We take you when the surf is good to go.

We offer a “full refund” if the surf is not safe for you.

Just Pay On The Day if case the lesson is cancelled…

Click here to watch one of our students..


How to become a Surfing Instructor ?


You need is a minimum of 5 years Surfing Experience.

& AIR B&B Reviews.

The family have holidayed at Byron Bay 3 times in the last 4 years.
Each time we have taken surfing lessons. We went with Style Surfing this year and it left the other surf schools for dead.
Gaz is a larger than life character who is committed to get you up and enjoying surfing. We made huge progress and were then able to go off on our own and continue the improvement and fun.
What is special about Gaz – his energy, commitment, humor, ability to get across the right information and skill of helping beginners reach their potential.


Best Surfing lessons ever…..

I recently had 3 consecutive days of surf lessons with David and had the best time! At the end of day one, I could confidently stand and surf the wave, at the end of day three, I am now confident to go out surfing on my own with no issues. David came and picked me up from my accomodation in Byron each day and dropped me home – super convenient! They also provided all equipment including wetsuit, rash vest and surfboard. Gaz and David are some of the nicest guys you will ever meet with a wealth of surfing knowledge and really easy personalised instructions to make you the best surfer you can be. We surfed right in the heart of Byron Bay and only small groups each day, meaning the instructors had plenty of time to spend with you one-on-one. Thank again guys!! Emma C.

“Best Surf Lessons in Byron Bay”


Gaz and V go above and beyond for their clients, they were extremely accommodating for our family with young children. Gaz will have you surfing he is a fantastic teacher! He pays attention to all his students, gives individual advice,even helps you catch the wave(pushes you on), picks you up and drops you back from your accommodation ……Gaz and V make it too eeeeasy! After struggling to surf for years three lessons with Gaz and I can now surf along the face of the wave and I am hooked!!! These surf lessons have changed my life….Thank you Gaz you’re a LEGEND!

“Best surf instructor there is!”

Gaz is the best surf instructor I’ve ever encountered! I’d just completed a 10 day surf camp but I learnt more in one session with Gaz than I had during those 10 days! He taught me completely new techniques that had me surfing better than ever! He is an excellent teacher, who really knows what he’s doing. He’s patient, kind, funny, and made the experience so enjoyable! Everyone in our group was standing and surfing pretty quickly! He can have you surfing green waves and jumping to your feet in one session! And Gaz has great communication skills so he’s perfect even if English isn’t your first language. He’s a local who knows the best spots to surf at and he genuinely cares about teaching you properly, whether you have one lesson or ten! If you want to surf, this is the guy you need! I honestly wish I’d taken more lessons with him! He even takes pictures and sends them to you for free! He picks you up and drops you back off where you’re staying, and he even drove us up to see the lighthouse where we spotted a whale! Couldn’t recommend this more!

“Surfing at its best”

My son and I had a surf trip booked and we left it up to the amazing Gaz, what he doesn’t know about Byron and the waves is not worth knowing.
He is patient, informative and cares about you having the best experience doing something he obviously loves.
He had both of us up and surfing catering for our different abilities with subtly and professionalism. I will always have these memories to share with my son, thank you.

“Gaz is a stella guy”

Not sure on his teaching skills but Gaz seems like a real stand out guy. He found my wallet at an airport, with around $900 in it, tracked me down by phone, and went out of his way to give it back to me. I offered him a reward but he would not take it. Helped restore my faith in humans.

 “Raining and Ripping”

Had a great experience with Gaz! No BS kind of guy and tells it like it is. Definitely worth every penny and the time. You will have loads of fun with him. Super accommodating and will have you surfing in no time! Too bad there isn’t a 6th star option. He’d get mine!

“Thank you Gaz for entertaining, safe surf lessons and sharing your life passion of surfing”

Gaz stopped us on the beach with some free surf advice for our daughter who has a prosthetic leg. She joined his class the next day, Gaz changed her surf style and she had a blast surfing with him and the team. I (Mum) joined in the next day with Gaz and the team as our daughter had such an amazing time and had a great time myself!! Thank you Gaz for everything you did for our daughter as she had such a wonderful time and is now hooked 🙂 You taught us more than just how to be pushed on to waves, so we learned about surfing as a whole and not just about standing up. See you next time!

 “Life changing morning!”

5 of 5 starsAfter being extremely reluctant to sign up to do a surf lesson as a very unconfident swimmer and someone who doesn’t like water I can say it was one of the best things I have ever done. It was absolutely the best decision to go with Gaz at Style Surfing. He was absolutely incredible! He devoted his time to me 1 on 1, taking my out further and teaching me techniques and to be more confident. He is so knowledgeable and was so patient with me. He got everybody up on the waves and feeling good. I was actually really inspired by Gaz and am so grateful. We had random people on the beach interrupt our session to just say how great he was and that he taught them to surf and he is the best. He turned me from someone who would have never considered surfing into someone who wants to do it again. Would highly recommend!


Absolutely amazing

Going with Style Surfing was definitely the best decision! Gaz is an amazing surf instructor..probably the best you can get!!! He absolutely loves surfing and made this passion his profession. He grew up in Byron Bay, knows where to find the best waves and how to get you standing up on your first lesson. He’s also great fun and gets you motivated from the very beginning. He even helped me and my boyfriend to fix up the second-hand surfboards we had bought..legend!!!
Too bad we had to leave the next day, otherwise we would have loved to take more lessons.


You can also book at:    QUIKSILVER BYRON BAY  


Happy Days & catch you in the Waves.



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Daily Surf Report with Gaz:

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