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We also do not have a “Book Now” button as we want to make sure we keep your surf bookings personal and cater for all your surfing needs.

Please Text Gaz Direct on 0416162969 anytime for any enquiries.

We are OPEN from 8am to 8pm 7 days a week.

Happy Days, Gaz

If there is one thing you must do in Byron Bay, it’s to learn how to surf! 

Byron Bay is renowned as one of the best places in the world to learn to surf, thanks to the gently rolling waves, crystal-clear warm water, and relaxed vibe.  And if that isn’t enough, then perhaps it’s the chance to share a wave with a resident dolphin that gets you in the water!

Style Surf is a Byron Bay family owned & operated business and is 1 of the 2 original surf schools in Byron Bay.

Style Surf is not a Mobile Surf School as we have the Best waves in town for the Best Surfing lessons for you.

That’s right, we surf in town each and every day, always have and always will. Cape Byron Headland offers protection for the Best, Longest and Safest waves for learning or advancing your surfing skills. 

Byron Bays’ Surfing Instructor Gaz Morgan and wife V have run Style Surf for over 22 years, and Gaz has been surfing Byron Bay and the North Coast since the 1970s.

Style Surfing is proud to be Byron Bays’ longest running school and Style Surf isn’t a franchise, it’s a business that was born and bred in Byron because Surfing and Byron are a match made in heaven.

To that point, not every surf school based in Byron can surf in Byron Bay. 

Style Surf is one of four surfing schools based in Byron Bay that can teach group surfing lessons in Byron Bay. 

That’s right!!  Only 4 surf schools can surf in Byron Bay in Group sessions, the rest must travel out of the area for group lessons, and that’s why they advertise this mobile thing? The Schools that can teach group lessons in Byron are..

1.Style Surfing School 2.Black Dog Surfing 3.Byron Surf Camp 4.Let’s Go Surfing.

Other schools advertise they go to Lennox Head & Ballina, but these are big open beaches and do not have the protection of The Cape to produce the small, sweet and easy waves to learn like we get at Clarkes Beach in the town of Byron Bay. 

Lennox Head and Ballina beaches are beautiful with a Surfing Reserve and some of the best waves in Oz on the Point, but only for the experienced surfers.

All of my mates from Lennox Head & Ballina have bought their kids to Clarkes Beach when they were learning to surf.

Always Look before you Book to check out the ‘Real Deal Surf Schools’ in Byron Bay. 

Style Surf caters to all ages and abilities: kids, teenagers, adults, grandparents, 5 to 95 years of age.

3 Hour Group Surf Sessions are only $70!

2 Hour Private Surf Lesson in Byron Bay $200 then $100 for each extra surfer.

The Best way to book is Text or WhatsApp to Gaz direct on 0416162969 

Style Surf does not have a BOOK NOW BUTTON as we want to keep our Surfing Services Personal for our Customers.

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