Private Surf Lesson

We always offer the best surfing service to our participants.

The Ultimate Private Surf Session in Byron as many surfers don’t want the beginner surf class because you are past this stage, so this is perfect for you!

  • Here you can use your own surfboard or Style Surf has all types and sizes of surfboards with Softboards and Hardboards [fiberglass]. You will get the advice to suit your current surfing ability and take it to the next level. This improves your surfing techniques to the maximum.
  • Straight away we work on your paddle power and timing to catch your own waves easily. Learn to take off on the wave with confidence and be able to glide, trim and turn across the open unbroken face of the wave with the surfboard under you feet.
  • Style Surfing will improve your turning skills so you can navigate the line-up and read the surf conditions to be able to boost your confidence out there in the waves.
  • Style Surfing will teach you how to negotiate getting through the waves and into the take-off zone. You will be able to paddle out through the surf easily, whether you need to improve your duck-dive or the rollover technique to get out the back confidently.
  • Don’t forget that Gaz is the “Train the Trainer” in Byron Bay which is the program with the Academy of Surfing Instructors. Gaz has been teaching ‘Surfers’ to become qualified ‘Surfing Instructors’ for many years here in Byron Bay.