We pride ourselves on being the safest, the best and always surfing in Byron Bay and never driving away.

3 Hour Group lesson $70 per person:

Day 2 $65: Day 3 $60: Day 4 $55: Day 5 $50 then $25 each day onwards.

2 Hour Private lesson $200 then add $100 per person:


  • Gaz Morgan


    Owner / Operator/ Instructor
    Gaz's story is one of a working lifestyle & determination to be the best that he can. During his instruction he is getting out in the surf with u, & making it happen for u.. Happy Days in Byron Bay is his motto & it is indeed going surfing in the waves of "The Bay" with Gaz. "Don't try, Just do," says Gaz when U get out there surfing the waves of Byron Bay..