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Q: I want to learn to surf in Byron Bay.

A: Text me on +61 416 162 969 so I can answer any questions you may have and we can get you out there.

Q: How old do we need to be? A: 5 to 95 years young.

Q: Does Style Surf teach kids how to surf?

A: Absolutely! We love kids. I taught my daughters how to surf and now they are in their 20s’. We’ve had thousands of kids learn to surf. As the ratio of kids to instructors has to be higher, it’s important that when booking the lesson, you advise of kids ages so Gaz can arrange enough instructors to make sure the kids are safe, and learn how to shred!

Q: Do I have to be a strong swimmer?

A: No, as Gaz will teach you how to swim correctly when he teaches you how to paddle your surfboard. This also builds your own confidence in the surf.

Q: Will I stand up during my first surf lesson?

A: Yes everybody will stand up and surf as we care more about your surfing than you do.

Q: Do you only run your surfing lessons in Byron Bay.

A: Yes, Byron Bay is where the Best waves are for beginners. I have mates who live in Lennox and Ballina beaches that have always bought their kids to Clarkes beach because it is so Perfect. We always surf at Clarkes Beach in town because Clarkes Beach is what made Byron Bay best for surfing lessons. Sometimes we go to Main beach or The Wreck. When town is flat, we go over to Tallow Beach. Clarkes Beach is why Byron Bay is so famous for Surf Lessons and where I go nearly everyday.

Q: Some schools advertise that they search for the best waves?

A: Byron Bay is one of the best places in the world to surf. Be mindful that if a surf school says they search for the best waves, it probably means they are not allowed to run their group lessons in The Bay. It would be crazy to come to Byron Bay to learn to surf, only to be driven away, out of the area because the School doesn’t hold a Licence to surf in town.

Q: How many in your group classes?

A: We have the smallest group classes in town. We have a maximum of 10 surfers with 2 Instructors. 1 to 5 Ratio.

Q: Do you have all the gear for me to hit the waves?

A: Yes, All the surfboards, wetsuits and rash shirts as well as sunscreen & wax.

Q: How much help do you provide during the lesson?

A: We are in the waves with you, helping you 100% of the class.

Q: Do you have your lessons at set times?

A: Yes, 9am and 1pm, but times can change so you get the best surfing conditions allowing for the winds, tides and waves.

Q: Why should we choose Style Surf School?

A: Well, we’re glad you asked.. No One has taught as many surfers as Gaz has. We only surf in Byron Bay – We only use the safest & best waves on each day – We make you feel calm and relaxed when we hit the surf zone – We include all the surf equipment for you – We cancel if the surf is not safe – We are proud to be the best and not worry about being the biggest – All beginners always stand up & surf each day  – We teach you how to do it by yourself – We teach you how to paddle, catch waves by yourself and surf on your own, whilst we are in the surf with you – We cater for all ages & abilities – No other operator on the North Coast has taught surfing for as often & as long as I have – Byron Bay Surfers are your Instructors – Gaz teaches Surfers to be Instructors here in Byron Bay – All you need is swimmers, a towel and water bottle & payment/receipt – Style has the smallest groups.

Q: What is you Cancellation Policy?  A: We allow you to cancel, no worries as we do know things happen. We have a full 100% refund policy, you can transfer to other people, or cancel whenever you want. No other school will do this for you as we want to keep it personal for you.  

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