Beginner Surf Lesson.

  • 3 Hour Group Beginner Surf Lessons in Byron Bay.

We always offer the best surfing service to our participants.

  • These lessons are always in the best and safest waves at Clarkes Beach in town in Byron Bay.
  • These sessions are great for potential surf stars to have an introductory surfing lesson giving you a taste of what surfing is really about.
  • We provide all the equipment as well as the best information on Surfing Equipment, Surf Safety, Ocean Awareness as well as getting you out into the surf zone where we help you to catch and surf the waves on your own as we are in the surf the whole time helping you do it.
  • We will boost your confidence in the surf zone as well as getting those nervous feelings out of your system with our positive surf instruction at all times.
  • We help you totally with your swimming ability to make you feel super comfortable in the surf zone and can conquer any fears you may have and boost your confidence in the waves.
  • Day 1: $70: Day 2: $65: Day 3: $60: Day 4: $55: Day 5: $50: Day 6 Onwards: $25 each lesson: